Created in Atlanta, Georgia in 2014, Weirdos.n.Unicorns got its start from being heavily influenced by the need to encourage change within our communities. We strive to embrace all walks of life and offer freedom from living up to the standards that society has placed on us all. With authenticity as its foundation, Weirdos.n.Unicorns is an eco-friendly, socially conscious brand that strives to create a lifestyle for our customers in which they can be true to themselves. Oftentimes, consumers are forced to shop within a market that does not offer many creative options. Because of this, we have decided to rebel against the system. Our plan is to disrupt the market and allow our customers to freely express themselves, and be open to uniqueness and non-conforming creativity.

For many years, there has been a stigma on the word “Weirdo”, but we are here to embrace our inner weirdos! A weirdo is simply a non-conformist who does not follow trends or stereotypes. A true weirdo remains true to who they are and should never be labeled. We are against bullying and want our customers to stand together.

A Unicorn is thought of as a mythical creature with special powers of light, love, and all things positive. Metaphorically speaking, we believe that there is a unicorn inside of us all. We want our customers to be free to express what is inside and share those positive vibes with the world. Our mission is to spread love and light one person at a time. We want you to freely express your creativity, live in your dreams, and be confident with who you are and who you can become. It is our goal to corner the market with consumers who want to change the world.

This brand is making a powerful statement in which we can live in peace and love for one another.  Our message is simple. “We are one.” With a rebellious mentality, we have designed a brand that allows your inner badass to emerge from the shadows. Weirdos.n.Unicorns is a brand that is ultimately about the social underdog.  Be unique. Be bold. Be different. Stay weird my friends and let the unicorn inside shine its light upon the world.